Brand. State your promise.

I think of a brand as a promise; they tell what your audiences can expect. To be convincing, you must have a distinct visual brand identity, that ensures recognition and enables immediate emotional resonance with the target audience. I have extended experience designing visual identities to clients representing a diverse range of businesses from big corporate brands to ambitious tech start-ups, lifestyle brands and restaurants. Your brand is in good hands 
– I promise.

Print. Make it tangible.

People have an instinctive relationship between what they see and what they touch, and the feel of an interesting stock or the way a foil might catch the light possesses a certain magic, one you can translate into strong visual communication that people are unlikely to forget. In other words, if your message is close to your heart, consider embodying it in print. I take great pride in designing all types of print such as magazines, books and reports; all the way from idea to design to final print production.

Digital. Build relationships.

A customer’s perception of your brand is the sum of the experiences they have had across all their interactions. Today the most efficient and powerful interactions take place on screen. And when designed well, they have the potential to leave an excellent perception that builds a stronger relationship between brand and audience. I help clients merge identity, user experience, structure, communication and code, into websites and products that exceed user expectations.

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